Renée Dominique, a native of Los Angeles, creates jewelry inspired by the beauty of earthy elements and the multitude of arts that make the city so unique.

Gemstones are selected for their unique shapes, properties, and colors. Theatrically inspired, pieces can be big and bold or delicately detailed and femine.

Client custom orders become exciting exchanges of enthusiastic collaborations utilizing stones for their healing properties, birthstones, or color preferences. These one of a kind pieces are created with a specific recipient in mind.

Renée's clientele is diversified, which includes other Artists, Actors, Playwrites, Community Leaders, Yogi's and Business Professionals.

Custom orders have been created for bridal parties, bat mitzvahs, graduations, special occasions, and just for the sheer whimsy of enjoying unique adornments at affordable prices.

This website provides a small sample of what unique adornments have been created.